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This page is the main index of documents relating to user documentation. For developer documentation, see here.


Dolibarr and modules



Usage (by modules)

Knowing how to use Dolibarr is knowing its modules, menus, and features. First, once the installation step is complete (see previous chapters), let's have a look at general information on usage:

Once general usage is understood, you can have a look at the documentation about all standard business modules. Choose the module you are interested in to see such documentation:

  • Standard modules are modules available by default in all common installation. List of standard modules is defined on the page List of Modules
  • External modules are modules you can get on other sources than official sources. They are provided by third parties. Most of them can be found in the marketplace List of external modules is defined on the page Complementary modules.


Other sources of documentation


See page Glossary


All FAQ are available through the index page FAQ EN

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