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This is example of tasks/roles for each of the 3 members of the Dolibarr foundation office team.

Role of president

  • He directs the administration of the association: signing contracts, representation in respect of third party action;
  • He write the moral report for the General Assembly
  • He chairs the General Assembly and the Board of Directors
  • He organizes the activities of the association

Role of secretary

  • He holds the correspondence of the Association, minutes of meetings, special register.
  • He organizes meetings (example: Invitation to annual General Meeting)
  • He puts the grant files
  • He is responsible for archives
  • He provides the physical execution of administrative tasks

Role of tresurer

  • He makes the payments, keep accounts, cash contributions, presents the financial annual report to the General Assembly, establishes the budget.
  • He puts cash surpluses
  • He ensures tax are paid
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