Report GM 201206 (Year 2011-2012)

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  • Title: Report General Meeting of association for year 2011-2012:
  • Date: 2012-06-21
  • Location: Paris, La Défense, Stand Dolibarr Salon Solution Linux.

Presents and procurations

  • AtooNet (Philippe Grand)
  • Laurent Destailleur
  • Regis Houssin
  • Tiaris (Jean-Heimburger)
  • (Bernardo Cabezas)
  • Maxime Longuet
  • ...
  • ...


  • Number of member voting: 10 (including procuration)
  • Number of members on date 2012-06-21: 39

Quorum of 25% is reached (10 / 39 > 25%)


Presentation and vote of Moral Report / Rapport Moral 2011-2012

Presentation and vote of Fiscal Report / Rapport Financier 2011-2012

Vote of board members


Vote of moral report -> approved

Vote of financial report -> approved

New board members

  • Maxime Longuet
  • Régis Houssin
  • Juanjo Menent
  • Jean Heimburger
  • Laurent Destailleur
  • Philippe Grand
  • Guillaume Laurès

Vote of office members

  • President: Laurent Destailleur
  • Treasurer: Philippe Grand (Tiaris)
  • Secretary: Jean Heimburger
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