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User card / Fiche compte / Ficha cuenta
Name/Nom/Nombre/Name/Όνομα Charlène BENKE
Country/Pays/Pais/Land/Χώρα Fr verysmall.png
Company/Société/Empresa/Unternehmen/Εταιρεία Auto-Entrepreneur Patas-monkey
Date/Datum/Ημερομηνία 1968-07-02
Level/Grade/Grado/Grad/Επίπεδο aucun
Status/Statut/Estado/Κατάσταση Active
Picture/Photo/Foto/Φωτογραφία Photo file "Charlie Benke.png" was not uploaded

Other informations / Autres informations / Otra información / Andere Infos / Άλλες πληροφορίες
Lead developper of Patas-monkey Team Independant Dolibarr Modules Developers and sometimes Bug Corrector.

After 20 years of coding, Charlie BENKE started to write dolibarr modules at the beginning for it's own usage, then he made some core modules evolutions for its customer and now builds new module for enhance dolibarr feature.

Favorite Quote : "Code to Live, Live to Code"

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